Nosce te ipsum. Es ti ipsum.
Know thyself. Be thyself.

(An inscription on the temple of Apollo at Delphi)

From how I see it, the planets and their cycles are a way of reading the energies of our individual and collective existence.  I don’t ascribe cause, but it seems to me that all things are connected, and the placements and transits of planets reflect this as much as anything else.  As Albert suggested, “everything is related to everything else in a space-time continuum” (ref).  The beauty of astrology is that it provides a way to describe relationships in both space and time!

Some read the fundamental connectedness of all things in palmistry or crystals, some in iridology or tantra, others in ecology, biology, evolution or even history.  On the presumption that all is connected, and I acknowledge that this is a belief, then where the reading of connectedness comes from doesn’t really matter.

What astrology offers us is a way of appreciating the relationship between time and energy.  At any one time, the planets are in a particular set of relationships to each other, and this set of relationships is like a thumbprint for the energy of that moment.

Astrology is a tool for knowing the self.  It is up to us then to use this knowledge to be the self.

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