Astro basics

This is how I see astrology as making sense … when each of us was born, the first breath we took manifested the energy of that specific time into our being, creating a blueprint for the you that you are.  This forms your natal or birth chart.  With each day and year that you’re on this planet (or probably any other planet, for that matter), all of the astral bodies continually transition from their place at the time of your birth, through their unique cycles, forming different angles with their position in your birth chart, as well as different transiting angles or aspects with other planets of your natal chart.  These cycles are growth patterns, and it is through understanding and working with these cycles that astrology provides a valuable tool for personal growth.

There seems to be a growing awareness of these cycles … I hear talk of “I’m having my Saturn return” in all sorts of places.  The cycle of Saturn returning to the place that it was at your birth is no doubt an important cycle.  So too are the cycles of other outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron (ok, so strictly speaking the last two are not planets, but for the sake of these ponderings, that’s what I’m going to call them).  Understanding the energy of each planet and the opportunities and challenges that are offered through the process of these cycles offers us enormous potential for understanding of our potential for growth through the phases of life.

In the following pages you’ll find all sorts of stuff explaining the basics of astrology.

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