Astrological readings are available either in person or via Skype.

The type of readings I offer are …

  • Natal Chart – a detailed insight into the energy you were born into … the you that you are.  This is a reading of the sign, house placements and aspects of your birth chart.
  • Transits – where you are in the cycles of life at the moment?  What are the issues you need to be dealing with right now? And where and when does the resolution come?
  • Returns – this reading looks at the main planetary cylces and their evolutionary development.  Everyone knows about Saturn return, but what of your Mars cycle, your Pluto cycle or your Uranus cycle …?
  • Birthday charts – the Solar Return.  This reading gives you insights into the energy of your coming year, the flavour of the year and the issues  that will be presenting.
  • Relationship astrology – an analysis of the dynamics between two people.  Using synastry and composite techniques, this reading can give much depth of insight into the nature of a relationship, the issues that the two of you will need to face in intimacy, the way that you will each challenge each other, and the opportunities you will manifest for growth and creativity.
  • Your Spiritual path – this reading gives you an in-depth insight into karma, destiny and getting the most out of the you that you are.  It explores the position of hte Moon’s Nodes, Chiron and the role of other chart elements in your spiritual path, such as Yods and unaspected planets.

To get the best out of the process, I suggest beginning with a Natal Chart reading.  From here we can explore in more depth what is interesting to you, whether that is your relationships or your spiritual journey.

If you are interested in a reading, send me a message from the contact page and I will be in touch to arrange a time for our session.

Michael Murphy

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